For the production the materials used are: cast iron UNI EN 1561 EN-GJL-HB 175, steel C45, INOX or materials on specifications sent by the customer;


Fully machined joints;

Holler-hub tolerances in H7 (other tolerances according to customer specifications);

Tab slot according to UNI6604 / 69 with tolerance P9 (other tolerances according to customer specifications);


RAL 7011 for cast iron joints;

RAL 6011 for transmissions;

RAL 5019 for steel joints and transmissions;


All products have the EUROTRAS brand;


All products shipped are placed on solid wooden pallets or solid cardboard boxes;

Original spare parts

Spare parts tables can be downloaded from our website tables with spare part codes;

All spare parts are marked EUROTRAS, guarantee of durability and quality of consumables;

Use and maintenance manuals

The use and maintenance manuals can be downloaded from our website use and maintenance manuals

Technical data

Technical data can be downloaded from our website technical data;


Certificate of compliance with the UNI EN 10204-2.1

Test certificate UNI EN 10204 3.1;


Since 1999 EUROTRAS philosophy is to apply the Quality System ISO 9001:2008 to the entire production process;

Order processing

We guarantee speed and punctuality in deliveries;

Availability in warehouse

All products and original spare parts EUROTRAS are available in our warehouse;

Research and development:

The company is committed every day in the design of new products in order to meet the different needs of the customer;

Technical / Commercial assistance

Direct relations with the technical / commercial staff in Italian and English.

We guarantee quick answers: to the requests for offers, to the sending of order confirmations, to the resolution of a technical problem;

ITALY – Mr. Michele Piacentini phone: +39 0382 66083 Mobile 3487018375 e-mail

FOREIGN COUNTRIES – Ms. Paola Ferrari phone +39 0382 66083 e-mail:


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