EUROTRAS was founded in 1974 as a small business in Bascapè, becoming a strong and dynamic company with young and qualified staff over the years with a company management that has undergone a generational change in a few years to guarantee growth and technological development. In Bascapè since 1974 the productive and commercial part resides with over 40 years of experience, our company has succeeded in establishing itself on the market for the quality of the products and the high level of services.

What we produce

EUROTRAS specializes in the development and production of couplings and transmission shafts for power ratings from 60 to 835,000 [Nm] and dynamic balancing possibilities (Q = 6.3) from 400 to 4000 [rpm]. Our production is subdivided into 5 categories: rubber elastomer joints or shafts, joints or flexible leaf shafts, couplings or toothed shafts, joints or rigid shafts, joints or special shafts. Our “Made in Italy” products are built entirely within our factory where our operators carry out accurate checks to ensure quality before shipment. EUROTRAS has always been and will be a point of reference for our customers able to meet the most complex and urgent requests in terms of transmission of motion. Our range of products is used in the most varied sectors of mechanics and not only furthermore, our sales embrace the Italian and international market.

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